Spanish Language Practice

Spanish Practice


Smartphone/Tablet Apps

  • 123 Glow: is a talking coloring book in Spanish.
  • Ana Lomba’s Spanish for Kids: The Red Hen is bilingual story app.
  • Babbel: is a Spanish language learning app.
  • Noyo Spanish: is a language learning app that is teacher reviewed and recommended.
  • Living Language Spanish: is a language learning app.
  • Spanish ABC: is a Spanish alphabet app.
  • Spanish Alphabet Coloring: Letters of alphabet with pictures and pronunciation of words
  • PencilBot Feed Me!: is a preschool Spanish application that prepares children
  • MindSnacks Spanish: offers language learning games.
  • Que Onda Spanish: has lessons and games for learning Spanish.
  • Snakestein’s Reading Game Spanish: helps practice reading words.
  • Lectura Magica: is a reading app recommended by a teacher.
  • Little Pim: helps new learners learn basic Spanish vocabulary
  • Maroe Susti ebooks: are reasonable English/Spanish books available on iPad
  • offers apps, lessons, activities and tools for learning
  • Duolingo is a computer and mobile application that teaches the basics lessons and adds on allowing student to see progress