Spanish Home Support

Part I: Online resources for Spanish support


  • Rockalingua – music-based Spanish learning *

  • Babbel  many language games to play without subscription

  • Spanish Language Games Offers a variety of easy Spanish language games

  • Dinolingo Over 100 beginner Spanish games without subscription

  • Duolingo Free language learning program. Listening, written and comprehension skills.

  • 1-2-3 Teach Me

  • Study Spanish Online Games for learning basic Spanish language, including a verb conjugator, pronunciation, basic sayings and vocabulary

  • PBS Kids – Games that allow kids to practice Spanish

  • Bartolo – Chilean website for children that includes games, stories, shows and music


 Songs (this list could be endless)

 Reading and Writing


 Social Studies

  • Teaching for Change Provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world. (Not in Spanish, but valuable nonetheless.)

 Math in Spanish

Shows/Films in Spanish

 Other online resources

  • Brainpop Movies, quizzes, activities and more in English and Spanish

 Online Spanish/English Dictionaries

  • Provides multiple word meanings, synonyms, pronunciation recordings, grammar

  • Similar features as

  • Offers same as the links above, but with the bonus of having superior translations for phrases and compound words. Includes links to translations from all over the web.


Beware of google translate. It can be useful for quick single word translations, but does not provide multiple meanings, does not provide the gender of nouns (masculine, feminine) and does not do a good job of translating sentences (yet). We discourage its use.


Part II: Our community in Spanish

  • Humboldt Public Libraries – every library has a section of books in Spanish, several also have DVDs and CDs in Spanish as well.

  • Friends of the Dunes Nature Story Time 444-1397 Call for Spanish story time information.

  • Newspapers in Spanish:

    • El Leñador – student-run English/Spanish newspaper serving Humboldt County

    • El Tecolote – Spanish/English newspaper of San Francisco

    • La Opinión – Spanish language newspaper of Los Angeles

  • Humboldt Spanish Language Meetup – Wednesdays at 6pm, see website for location. All levels welcome.

  • LatinoNet (Follow on Facebook for local events in Spanish)

    • KHSU radio (update: all HSU radio programs have been cancelled for now)

      • Charlando con la Raza – Tues. 7pm, Wed. 7am, Sat. 1pm

      • Naturaleza y Comunidad de Pachamama, the hour following Charlando

      • Latino USA, Fri. 1:30pm

  • Dine out in Spanish
    • Valley Azteca

    • Carmela’s Mexican Restaurant

    • Rita’s

    • Taquería La Barca

    • Fiesta Grill and Cantina

    • Hey Juan Burritos

    • Luis’s

    • Raliberto’s

    • La Patria

    • Pachanga Mexican

    • etc.

  • Mexican Markets

    • Fregoso’s

    • El Buen Gusto

    • La Pasadita Market


Part III: Spanish while traveling (work in progress)


Part IV: Encouraging language development