Fuente Nueva Extended Day Program

Policies and Procedures | 2019-2020

Printable Policy & Procedures | Printable Extended Day Form

We recognize that families have a need for child care outside of the school day. Therefore, we offer care for students both before and after school through our Extended Day Program. The goal of this program is to provide an extension of the school day that provides both structured and unstructured opportunities for students to learn and grow. This is a fee for service program, with options for subsidized care through Changing Tides. The Extended Day Program is available for currently enrolled students at Fuente Nueva.

It is expected that students can conduct themselves safely and positively as members of the Extended Day community. Student participation in the program may be restricted due to inappropriate and or unsafe behavior at the discretion of the Charter Director or his/her designee.


Our Beforecare program starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends when school starts at 8:30 a.m. To use this program, you must enroll in Extended Day by filling out an emergency card and checking the “Beforecare” option on the Child Care Contract. Beforecare costs a flat rate of $2.50 per day.  Beforecare operates on a drop-in basis, meaning that you may show up any time after 7:30am to our Extended day room and sign in. If you drop your child off at school before 8:15am, you will be asked to enroll in Extended Day and will be charged the $2.00 daily fee.


Our Aftercare program starts at school dismissal for each grade and ends at 5:30pm.  We charge $1.00 for every 1 minute that your child remains in Aftercare after 5:30pm.  To use this program, you must enroll in Extended Day by filling out a Child Care Contract. The Aftercare program offers a combination of structured and unstructured activities for all school age students. Additionally, there is Homework Club from about 3pm until 4pm Monday through Thursday. Please let us know on your Child Care Contract if you would like your child to participate.

Committed Aftercare

Committed Care is best for families who can create a weekly schedule that does not change for the entire semester.  Semesters are considered: Fall (first day of school year until the last day before winter break); and Spring (First day after winter break until the last day of the school year.  The cost for Committed Care is $4.00 per hour. We offer a lower rate for Committed Care because it is a reliable, set schedule. When using Committed Care, you will be limited to two major changes to your schedule per semester. Please use Drop-In Care if you will need to have a more flexible schedule.  To use Committed Care, enroll in Extended Day by filling out an emergency card, a Child Care Contract, and a Committed schedule sheet. Committed Care must be reinstated each semester!

 *Important information about your Committed Care contract:

  • Absences: Committed Care absence policy: You will be charged for all hours that are on your Committed Care schedule, including days your child is absent without at least 2 hours notice of their absence. All children will be given five “free” unexcused absences. After these are used up, unexpected absences will be charged the regular rate for the scheduled amount of time, up to one hour. To avoid being charged for an unused Committed Care day, please contact Extended Day at least two hours before Aftercare starts.
  • Please consider Drop-In Care if you are not completely committed to using all of the days you contract for; even though it costs $.25 more per hour, you may end up saving money.
  • Extended Absences: Long absences due to family travel or extended illness will be considered on an individual case basis. Please speak with Extended Day Staff at one week prior to the extended absence begins!
  • Making changes to your Committed schedule: As stated above, you are allowed two major schedule changes per semester. Please call or see Josue at least one week before change is to take place. Please use Drop-In Care if you think you may need to change your schedule more than twice in one semester.

Drop-In Aftercare

Drop-In Care allows for a very flexible schedule and costs $4.25 per hour. There is a one hour minimum charge for students who are signed up for Drop-In Care. To use Drop-In, please enroll in Extended Day by turning in an emergency card and checking the Drop-In option on your Child Care Contract. Drop-In Care is good for the whole year. To use Drop-In care, advance notification is required. You can either call or sign-up for the day using the Drop-In/Special Needs sign-up sheet on the front table. *All Drop-In sign-ups must be made BY 1:30 p.m. THAT DAY (12:30 p.m. on Mondays). If you call any later, we will consider it No-Notice Drop-In. We have been able to meet almost all drop-in requests in the past, but we do reserve the right to deny your request based on space availability. *No-notice drop-ins will be charged at $5.00 per hour with an additional $10.00 flat fee. If your child is not signed up for Aftercare and still at school 15 minutes after dismissal, we will call parents/guardians first for pick-up, after which time your child will be signed into Aftercare for the No-Notice Drop-In fee.


We believe that practicing the ritual of sharing food together is nourishing for both our hearts and bodies. A nutritious, vegetarian, and mostly organic snack is offered everyday in Aftercare at 3:30 p.m. The cost is $1.50 per day. Vegan options are always available; please request this on your Emergency Card under allergies/diet limitations. If you do not want your child to eat the snack we provide, please check the option on your Child Care Contract, and always send them to school with a snack from home.

Payment Policy

  • Committed Care users will be given a folder with their child’s name on it, located in the Extended Day room. In the first week of each month your bill will be placed in this file.  Payment is due on the 15th of each month. We accept checks and money orders made out to Fuente Nueva, and cash, but we do not provide change. All payments can be placed in the gray payment box by the front door in Extended Day room.  We apply a $15 fee for all returned checks.
  • Please take paying for Extended Care seriously. If your bill is not paid by the 22nd of the month, we will apply a $15 late charge to your bill. We will terminate your care contract if you do not pay your bill by the end of the month. Everyone can avoid this! If you find that you will not be able to pay your bill in full by the 15th, call to set up a meeting to discuss your bill and to set up a payment plan. By creating a payment plan, you will avoid late fees and contract termination!

Additional Information and Tips

  • All forms are located on Parent’s Table by the door of our Extended Day room (Rm. 7).
  • School Emergency Cards are used for the purpose of Extended Day as well. If you wish to have different information on file for either program, please contact the main office.
  • We offer a sibling discount. Please call for information and to request.
  • We offer a subsidy through Changing Tides Family Services. Please call 445-9291 for more information.