“Educating Our Children Through Distance Learning is a Challenge for All of Us”

I am so glad to be working with all of you as we begin this school year.  Educating our children through distance learning has been a challenge for all of us.  First and foremost, this new system depends heavily on technology.  Through my experiences working with students, parents and staff beginning in March of last year, through zoom, skype, facetime, emails, text, etc., I have been very impressed by the resilience, adaptability, innovation, and determination of the Fuente Nueva community in adjusting to this new format of learning.  As a counselor, I am trained to look for the strengths and assets of those facing challenges.  I would like to share my observations of what I have seen as strengths and assets of distance learning:

  • The students’ command of technology is growing by leaps and bounds, definitely outdistancing many adults.  These skills can only serve them well in their futures in navigating day to day life as well as higher education.  
  • The students’ can use their tablets or laptops not only to find homework instructions, read e-books, share important information with their teachers, create and work on independent projects, research topics that interest them, and connect with subject experts.  I have reviewed the websites of the Fuente Nueva teachers and there is a wealth of information, resources, and activities on them.
  • Distance learning helps create a personalized learning experience, ensuring that, through a differentiated approach, all students can access information at their own pace and in a way that’s best suited to their learning needs.  Students can also join the teachers’ office hours to get more 1 on 1 attention.
  • Distance learning gives students the flexibility to complete coursework  and assignments from home or other remote locations and on their own time.
  • Because the classroom and teacher interaction takes place online, quieter students can more easily join in the discussion.
  • Online learning allows students to concentrate on their studies during classes and then socialize with their friends outside of the learning environment.

Although most of us look forward to getting students back in the classroom, meanwhile, online learners can take advantage of a number of distinctive benefits that come with an online education.

Monica Rivera – School Counselor