Updates for the 20/21 School Year

Dear Families, 

First, I hope that this finds you well, healthy and with joy in your life. Now more than ever I find it important to reflect on those qualities in my life to provide balance and perspective. I am reaching out to share the outcomes from the meeting held last night. The charter council faced very difficult decisions that have shifted the course of our program offerings at the start of the school year. 

The changes in the course of the program offerings are as follows: 

  • Fuente Nueva will no longer offer child care at the start of the school year and the council plans to reconsider in the future. This is a temporary decision and will be reconsidered in the future.
  • As a result of the above decision, the choice to have an on campus presence of the educational team with individual student meetings occurring for the most vulnerable students is impacted.
  • Fuente Nueva is seeking to enter into an agreement with the Arcata School District to purchase school lunch meals from them. Details are not yet finalized. The intention is to return to our own school lunch program when we return to in-person instruction or there are changes in the waiver that the State of California may provide schools in the future. These details will be a part of the agreement with the district and we are 100% committed to offering our program again. 

Each of these decisions was made considering safety, equity, and the stability of the school as a whole as guiding principles. There were several parents present to help provide insights into their own needs as well as what they know from other parents. At the same time, council members recognized there were voices not present that deserved representation. We all did our best to consider and hear those voices. The decisions were not easy ones and we know we still have much work to do to support our students. 

Next week on Wednesday 8/19 the council will meet to discuss how we move forward with the implementation of the distance learning plan. The formal decision will be made about who works from campus and if we bring individual students to the school for some in-person support. There will also be additional items such as policies and procedures that will be included. 

To say that our hearts are not heavy would be a lie. And yet, this morning I wake up with the realization that when one door closes another opens. We all know that there are families in our community that desperately need child care. My question to all of you is how can we and you, as the greater community, help? This is not a challenge that the school alone can solve and we are always stronger when we act as a full community. To this end, today I will work with staff to create a format for us to share both family needs and community ideas that will lead to solutions. 

I understand that this decision will have a huge impact on families. Please know that my door is always open, and I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation on how this decision was made. In closing I want you to know that the teachers have been working tirelessly this summer to prepare for distance learning. They received high quality training in the spring and most teachers have attended more professional development this summer. All of them have spent time imagining and creating a more robust and engaging learning environment for the students in distance learning. We know it is not in person, but we know that we can find the love and joy of teaching and learning either way. 

¡Viva Fuente Nueva!