Stronger Together

While schools do not take political sides, we are impacted by the political climate in our country.  Our students are working out what they hear and see from their families, in the media, and their community. Students express their thoughts and ideas at school, trying to make sense of their world and in turn create our community climate.

At Fuente Nueva, part of our core mission and values is to promote world citizenship. What does this look like? It can be as simple as showing compassion and empathy for those who have different ideas than us; and in the older grades, it can be as complex as taking action for what the students believe in. Getting curious, sharing thoughts, and finding common ground is something that we model for our students.

At Fuente Nueva, we are seeing this moment in history as a teachable moment. The adult discourse that has been heard by our students can lead to negative behaviors as students try on what society is modeling for them. Sometimes this can be ugly and scary for all of us involved. How we respond as a community can be an example for the world we live in.

Here in school, we are committed to supporting each student in the way that they need most. We will show compassion for those who make poor choices and support them to learn a new way. We will have firm and clear boundaries that enable our students to practice civility while creating a safe community for all of its members. At Fuente Nueva, we are deeply committed to celebrating the diversity that exists here in our school and far beyond.

As parents of today’s youth, you play a critical role in how we move forward. Please, talk with your kids. Find out what they are thinking and what they know. It can sometimes be surprising the ideas that the kids are sorting out in their minds and hearts. Share your own thoughts to help them process the world around them. If something comes up for your student at home, please don’t hesitate to bring it to our; attention and we will do the same by including parents when situations arise at school.

It is with pride that I look at the school we have built; founded on the concept that seeing the world through multiple languages and cultures broadens us and prepares us for world citizenship. Our students are taught to celebrate each other’s success and learn together when there are challenges. Now, as we are witnessing the disparity that exists in our nation, a school such as Fuente Nueva takes on a whole new meaning and increased purpose.

As a school community we can be united in support of our students as they face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. It is a true honor to walk with you on this journey. My door is open and I would love to continue the conversation. Truly, as always, we are stronger together.