Progress for a Safer Route to School!

Yesterday, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that reduces the speed limit on Foster Avenue to 25mph. In five weeks we will see new signage on Foster Avenue. We are sending a big thank you to our county staff and the board for making this happen so quickly.

It started with a close call for a family en route to Fuente Nueva. That parent and I partnered up and requested the county staff to consider reducing the speed limit. County staff moved quickly and as a result have been able to take the first steps towards providing a truly safe route to school for our students. Through a partnership with the City of Arcata, the County of Humboldt, the County-wide Safe Routes to School Task Force and parents of both Fuente Nueva Charter and Mad River Montessori our next steps include: additional signage on Janes Road, the extension of our School Zone to include Foster Avenue, and the reduction of speed limit for the entire zone to 15mph. Long term plans also include a path along the side of Foster Avenue.

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