Our Mission

The vision of Whitethorn School is to teach each child the skills they need, and to support each child to develop to their full potential.

Adults will:

  • Provide focus and direction so children are able to be challenged and produce their best work;
  • Allow for the individual pace and development of each child;
  • Teach content knowledge in a variety of unique and interesting ways to address a variety of learning modalities;
  • Develop the whole person through enrichment activities; and
  • Provide social, emotional and academic learning opportunities.

Students will:

  • Develop the ability to think logically and creatively and use problem-solving skills;
  • Develop a strong sense of self-worth;
  • Take responsibility for their own learning;
  • Understand their rural roots as well as a global perspective in order to be able to flourish confidently wherever they choose;
  • Develop a sense of continuity;
  • View their world with curiosity, joy, and the challenge of discovery;
  • Develop self-discipline; and
  • Understand their responsibilities as part of their community.