November 15


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Interact meeting at lunch

Nerd Club 3:15-4:45 

Class Meetings 

at Lunch

Freshman B1

Sophomores D3

Juniors  A2

Seniors A4

ASB Meeting in the Art room. Earth club  
Football vs. Laytonville 

Playoff game!


Good morning South Fork High School! 


These are the splinter announcements for November 15, 2019. 


For Lunch the cafeteria will be a Sandwich surprise 

the 2020 Census are hiring 18 and over for 16.50 per hour starting in February.  I thought this could be a good opportunity for seniors graduating this year. If you are  interested, please contact Liv Baker at 831-207-3095


This Friday is the business owner panel day during 4th period in Gym. Hear from the owners of water well driller, a blog news reporter, and DJ business about how they put their skills and talents to work for themselves and why being in business was the right choice for them. Have you thought about being your own boss?  Many businesses in the Southern Humboldt area are locally owned. In the world of work, you either work for someone or you work for yourself. Being your own boss might be the right career choice for you. See you 4th period, you won’t want to miss it!