September 10

Good Morning South Fork High School! 


These are the splinter announcements for September 10, 2019.


For Lunch the cafeteria will be serving Spaghetti. 


A S B Class meetings today at lunch.

Freshman in B1

Sophomores in D3

Juniors  in A2

Seniors in A4


College and Career Expo tonight at 5:30 till 8:00 at the Bayshore Mall.


The bookmobile will be here Wednesday 10:45am ~ 12:00pm. Any student wishing to borrow books, should bring their library card and make sure they have their walking field trip permission slip turned in.


TRiO Talent Search welcomes you back and wishes you a great year ahead!  TRiO Talent Search meetings will be officially starting up again next week!  For TRiO Seniors, we have already begun! TRiO Advising for seniors will be every Wednesday 4th period (or 3rd if you would like additional time).  Seniors (and Juniors that are interested), don’t forget about the Career and College Expo this Tuesday night (September 10th) at the Bay Shore mall.  It is an EXCELLENT opportunity, whether or not you plan to go to a four year college, a community college, culinary school or other career certificate programs.  Also! There will be free pizza there for all TRiO students; find the TRiO table and they’ll let you know where to go. Make sure to ask questions!


TRiO will meetings for ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders will begin next week on either Wednesday mornings or Friday afternoons (depending on your schedule).  There will be a welcome back Ice Cream party at lunch next Friday, September 20th for all TRiO students. Come on by to Room C5 next Friday at lunch. First come first serve!


For those who are unfamiliar with TRiO Talent Search, we offer FREE additional resources and advising to help you navigate high school and prepare you to take advantage of all the opportunities around you–getting into the college of your choice, scholarships, job training and MORE.  As a TRiO student, you are welcome to attend classes once a week with your TRiO adviser to develop the skills you need to make it through high school and transition to everything after. Whether you’re interested in a four year university, trade school, or a community college, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own!  TRiO students get immediate access to financial aid, help with college applications, and waivers for SATs, ACT, and college application fees. For more details, please stop by C5 or A1 and talk with Michelle on Wednesdays. Or, see your counselor for more information.


Please remember, Any student that arrives late to school Must come sign in at the office and get a pass. Also if you have permission to leave early, you must sign out at the office as well.