November 22

Good Morning Miranda Junior High School


These are the splinter announcements for November 22, 2019. 


For Lunch the cafeteria will be Egg Salad 


Miranda water tanks are low so we are being asked to keep the water usage to as much of a minimum use as possible for the rest of the week.


Saturday SFHS football team has a championship playoff game here at home. We would love to see you come out and support the team! Please remember that NCS games have a higher admission fee than a regular season game. Go Cubs!


TRiO Talent Search College Club will be meeting at least once a month during 7th period on Fridays, get your applications in now!  The next meeting will be next Friday, November 22nd.  Sign up with Donna to receive an application!


Boys basketball practice and tryouts will begin on December second.  We are still looking for a 7th grade coach. More info to follow