June 16, 2016

*FOCUS ON LEARNING       A Miranda Jr. High and South Fork High School Graduate will be able to demonstrate recognition of the inherent strength of a tolerant, diverse society.

*MINIMUM DAYS          Today is a minimum day with release time of 12:50.

*NO LATE BUS THURSDAY  There is no late bus today.


*LOCKER ROOM LOCKERS   Please remove your lock and all the items in the lockers by Friday, June 17. On Monday,  June 20 all locks remaining will be cut and items given away.

*HUNTER SAFETY        A hunter safety class will be held July 26, 28th  & August 2nd and 4th, from 6 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at Garberville Cal Fire.  New this year, all registration for the class must be done online at https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/83467 prior to the first class meeting. This class is limited to 30 students on a first come first served basis.  All class meetings must be attended in their ENTIRETY.   Students should bring note taking materials.  Those who wish to pre study the material before the class starts can preview the online course at http://www.hunter-ed.com/california/ Call 923-1026 for more information.

WILDERNESS SUMMER CAMP     The Mountain to the Sea Wilderness Camp is now accepting applications for those female students interested in learning about survival and the wilderness. More information at: https://campscui.active.com/orgs/MountaintotheSeaWildernessCamp#/selectSessions/1483903 . Scholarships available.

MINIMUM DAY Begin End Hrs/Mins
Core A1 8:15 9:05 0:50
Passing 9:05 9:10 0:05
Core A2 9:10 10:00 0:50
Passing 10:00 10:05 0:05
Core B1 10:05 10:55 0:50
Passing 10:55 11:00 0:05
Core B2 11:00 11:50 0:50
LUNCH 11:50 12:20
Enrichment 12:20 12:50 0:30

*MJH YEARBOOK         Yearbooks are still available for $30.00.

THREE DAY TECH CAMP  GirlsCan is a three day tech camp for investigating engineering, robotics, coding, and Turtle Art. Call Aletta at 441-3367 or emailgirlscan.humboldt@gmail.com for more information or to register.