Maple Creek School was first established as a district on February 15, 1878, with an enrollment of 7 boys and 5 girls, grades Kindergarten through eighth. There was inadequate furniture, 23 books in the library, a ventilation system that involved cracks in the exterior walls, and no outhouse facilities. Although it lapsed into the Mad River District in November, 1919, it was re-established as an independent district located near the present site, until 1954, when the student population outgrew its housing.

In 1954, Weyerhauser Timber and Roddiscraft Mill donated the present school site to the District. The current schoolhouse was designed and hand-built by the parents and community to serve a student population of 55 kids. In the early sixties, the mill was closed and the student population fell to an average of 12 – 18 students. Class photographs have been stored over the years, and we enjoy alumni returning to the school to share stories of Maple Creek’s history.

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