Fifth Grade

Naomi Grogan-Hurlich |Fifth Grade Teacher SY 17-18

Naomi Grogan-Hurlich
Naomi Grogan-Hurlich is thrilled to be joining the Fuente Nueva community this school year as the 5th grade teacher.  She looks forward to being part of a tight-knit group of educators and learners in a Spanish immersion environment where international mindedness, social responsibility, and teaching tolerance are in the forefront.

Naomi was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and has also lived in Spain, Germany, New Zealand and, most recently, in Southern California. Naomi received a BA in Spanish Literature and a Masters in Bilingual Education, both from UC Santa Cruz.

Living in California, she anticipated she would start her career teaching at a Spanish-immersion school, but wound up finding a position as a German-immersion teacher in San Diego; where she also had the opportunity to help develop the Spanish-as-a-foreign language program.  Naomi began teaching in 1st grade, then jumped to 3rd and has spent the past three years as a 5th grade teacher.  This has meant that while she taught German to her students during the day, she would go home in the afternoon to speak Spanish with her daughter – who is now four years old.

She very much looks forward to aligning home and work in a Spanish-immersion environment.  Naomi enjoys cycling, playing the guitar at home and with her students, hiking, gardening, spending time with family, eating her husband’s home-baked bread, practicing yoga, catching up on the Next Generation Science Standards, and if there is time left over, dancing swing and salsa.